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New email sender requirements, established by Google and supported by Yahoo!, came into force on 1st February 2024.

If you send out emails from your own custom domain, and have not taken the necessary steps to ensure these emails are authenticated and verifiable, in accordance with the new requirements, your emails may not be delivered.

In fact, emails you send are likely to be treated as spam (unwanted emails), moved to recipients’ Junk Email folders or may never arrive at all.

Further, if your emails are continually marked as spam, your domain could be blocklisted. Emails sent from blocklisted domains will be rejected by major email service providers.

Our Done For You service is quick and painless. We offer 3 levels of service, use the product comparison below to determine which one best suits your needs.

If in doubt, choose Fix My Email Delivery Lite and we’ll check your domain’s DMARC Compliance and advise you from there.

Product Comparison




One off cost per domain
One off cost per domain
One off cost per domain
SPF Record Check
DKIM Records Check
DMARC Policy Check
Email Blocklist Check
SPF Record Setup
DKIM Records Setup
DMARC Policy Setup
Email Testing
Liaise With Your Bulk Email Provider
DKIM Public Keys Setup
SPF Domains/IP Setup
Tests With Your Bulk Email Provider
Blocklist Removal
This service is available separately on demand but is not included.