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🚀 Discover My LinkedIn Secrets That Grew My Followers From 0 to 26K

🔥 And Grew My LinkedIn Newsletter Subscribers From 0 to 6K+ in just 5 Editions For FREE…

I’ll teach you how to hone YOUR Value Proposition, establish YOUR Personal Brand, Grow YOUR LinkedIn following, to Hook YOUR Prospects and turn them into PAYING CUSTOMERS.

On this unique 2-Day Masterclass, I will get you up to speed with the following:

Day 1

Set yourself up for success as a LinkedIn Lead Generation Professional 

✅ Defining your WHY

✅ Creating Your Unique Value Proposition

✅ Using the Power of Storytelling to Grow YOUR Personal Brand

✅ Identifying YOUR target Audience

✅ How to find YOUR Target Audience 

✅ LinkedIn Lead Generation Copywriting Strategies

✅ Leveraging AI for Lead Generation Copywriting

✅ Using Behavioural Science to Grow Your Following 

✅ LinkedIn LeadGen Foundations Q&A

Day 2

Grow YOUR LinkedIn Following and Engage With YOUR New Leads

✅ Configuring YOUR LinkedIn Profile

✅ Understanding the LinkedIn Algorithm 

✅ Publishing Strategies for Maximum Engagement

✅ Becoming a Content Creator For Lead Generation

✅ Growing YOUR Personal Brand

✅ Building Valuable Relationships With Leads

✅ Benefit From The Power of Reciprocity With Leads

✅ Implementing YOUR LinkedIn Newsletter LeadGen Strategy

✅ LinkedIn Lead Generation Q&A 

This course will be delivered Live-Online, by Carl Adamson, on the dates/times specified. Meeting details will be sent to you before the event, once you have registered. 

Stop procrastinating. Establish your personal brand. Start growing your following. Accelerate your business.

I didn’t start using LinkedIn because I wanted to.

I was “bullied” into creating a LinkedIn account by a colleague, over a decade ago.

For weeks my colleague had been nagging me to create a LinkedIn account.

At the time I couldn’t see the point in doing so.

He said, “Carl, if you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist!”.

Finally, when we were only 7 minutes away from delivering a joint pitch for a major project, to a Boardroom full of Senior Leaders, he sat there, arms folded, refusing to accompany  me to the meeting, until I created my LinkedIn account.

Muttering countless, unmentionable expletives, I reluctantly created my LinkedIn account under his smug-faced “supervision”.

That was the beginning of the most amazing LinkedIn journey! 

Rod McLean did me a great favour that day, for which I shall always be grateful.

His words are even more relevant today.

The problem is, with 900 Million+ members, across 200+ countries and regions, it’s easy to feel that you don’t exist within LinkedIn’s seemingly vast universe.

The good news is, LinkedIn favours content creators: those who create original, valuable and engaging content.

The same content that will bring YOU new leads on LinkedIn.

“Carl, if you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist!”

Having been a LinkedIn Content Creator for many years, I have discovered the “secrets” of creating engaging content on LinkedIn.

It grew my following from 0 to 26K, with relatively little effort.

Despite being unable to create much content recently (for personal reasons), I still managed to grow my Delivery With Agility LinkedIn newsletter subscribers from 0 to 6K+, in just 5 editions.

Interestingly, around half of those subscribers don’t actually follow me.

Yet, every time I click the Publish button for every new edition of my newsletter, it goes directly into their inbox.

Not just a link to it, the actual newsletter content is contained within the email that LinkedIn sends to my subscribers.

AND each newsletter edition also appears on every subscriber’s LinkedIn feed.

After numerous recent requests, from Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Marketers and other business professionals within my network, I am now, for the first time, sharing my proven LinkedIn LeadGen Growth strategy, in this unique Masterclass.

You will be surprised at the level of the hands-on skills you learn and refine in this practical 2-Day LinkedIn LeadGen Delivery Accelerator Masterclass.

And I know you will be delighted with the valuable outcomes it Delivers for YOU!


Stop right there!

Only YOU will know this and it’s important that YOU do.

Why? Because this is not a Done For You service.  If you would like to know more about our Done For You services, please message us here.

This 2-Day Masterclass will empower YOU to grow YOUR Personal Brand and YOUR LinkedIn following, to generate Leads and grow YOUR business.

This will require YOU to be committed to using the tools we give YOU to generate YOUR own success.

No problem. You will have 1 Month FREE membership to the Delivery With Agility Community, where you can access Masterclass resources and session replays on-demand.

We will teach you how to create simple, but engaging and valuable content, using ethical Behavioural Science techniques. 

Join our LinkedIn LeadGen Delivery Accelerator Programme. The monthly Subscription allows you to spread the cost of learning the art of LinkedIn Lead Generation, whilst growing your Personal Brand and your LinkedIn following at a more leisurely pace. 

Plus, you will have the support of the Delivery With Agility Community behind you.

You will find our Masterclass inspiring because it will enable you to communicate your WHY and attract followers with your Unique Value Proposition.  

We’ll teach you the power of storytelling to stimulate emotional connections with your brand story.

I'm your LinkedIn LeadGen Delivery Accelerator

Carl Adamson